Wire Saw Precision

MML has been working with Wire Saw technology for a while now to improve the quality of their finished product. Marlin has now logged over 10,000 hours cutting time on his Wire Saw and has made some modifications recently to increase it's overall capacity. The custom modifications Marlin has made to his saw made it possible to cut Meteorites with dimensions up to 12" x 18" (previously 9.5" x 9.5"). Even though Marlin's saw handled the majority of Meteorites found (most found are no large than 9"), Marlin wanted to be sure he could bring the same quality of service to all his current and potential customers no matter what their needs.

Wire Saw technology also minimizes waste that is inherent to the cutting process, and with Marlin's skill set and capability to make smooth and even cuts his loss from acid etching is well below the accepted industry standard. This model cuts with a high quality 0.1mm stainless steel wire embed with diamond grit of various diameters ranging from 10 to 64µ.

The Wire Saw of choice is made by one of the premiere manufacturers of precision cutting equipment (Well Diamond Wire Saws) to ensure the most reliable precision tools are being used to cut our products.

"This model has been the industry standard for over 26 years..."


Large Band Saw Capacity

Marlin's newest addition to the shop, a W.F. Wells Horizontal Blade Cutoff Saw, boasts a 5,000 lbs weight limit and a modified cutting capacity of 17 in. x 32 in. it is proving to be an invaluable tool. Combining both precision and high capacity cutting Marlin is proud to be able to extend his services to both old clients and new. The value added is enormous when you consider the amount of experience that Marlin brings to the table; with the ability to do high capacity cutting, and smaller more delicate cuts Montana Meteorite Lab can provide the range of service and expertise that his clients demand.

It should be stated so that it is clear that this saw, while being able to cut larger dimension objects, is nothing new to Marlin, as he has been refining his skills with band saws and equipment much like this from the beginning.

The band saw manufacturer W.F. Wells, Inc. has been a manufacturer of precision cutting equipment since 1948, developing their first models as early as 1928. This US manufacturer has used this time wisely to continually perfect their existing products and add to their product line to stay on the cutting edge.