Skill & Technique

The finest in custom cutting, polishing, and etching services since 1974.

With over thirty years hands on experience Marlin is a true master of his craft. While other start up meteorite cutters are making their mistakes and learning the business as they go, Marlin has already made his mistakes and is out of the learning curve. Marlin doesn't struggle with different aspects of the job he says he will do for you, he already knows how to do it correctly the first time.

As testament to his mastery of the trade Marlin is becoming the go to guy for correcting a lot of the mistakes that are made by others in the industry. Never cutting corners to save time or having to experiment with your precious samples.  If there was a need, it has already been met; and the problem was solved and resolved until Marlin had the best solution.  

Marlin knows the reality of the cut and can tell you the consequences of certain strategies and actions, as well as offer solutions that minimize waste materials and achieve customer goals.  What kind of quality do you expect?

Tools Of The Trade

A One Of A Kind Collection Of Precision & Custom Proprietary Tools

The Montana Meteorite Laboratory (MML) uses State-of-the-Art equipment and proprietary techniques to create the finest in prepared meteorites. MML has sliced and prepared hundreds of meteorites including many different classes of Irons and Stony-irons, as well as large Pallasites.  We have extensive experience preparing rare Achondrites and Chondrites as well.  

The usage cases and custom techniques developed over the years have resulted in the custom fabrication and application many 'unique' tools; some of which are produced specifically for the each sample, others selected based on a number of material and sample criteria.  Creativity, Innovation and Time have all culminated in an optimal environment for Marlin to ply his trade very effectively.  

Sorry, we take care not to show any little tricks of the trade or special tools in our photos online...  This is about as close as you're gonna get on the website.

While others grapple with problems MML is capable of offering creative and innovative solutions. Marlin knows how to do the job correctly.