We have lots of contacts from folks that are trying to identify a potential meteorite they have come across.  We want to help, but the simple truth is we don't have time to verify meteorite finds, nor would it mean anything at all to the scientific or collector communities. Meteorites must be verified and submitted to the Meteoritical Society before they recognized or have any value.  MML specializes in the cutting, etching, setting and other preparation and preservation techniques; that is all.  This is our role in the culture and it is usually under heavy demand, so this is what we choose to concentrate on.

We put together a few of our favorite references with some great advice on how to identify meteorites in the field, some tests you can do at home and full overviews of the process of scientific verification and how to approach this process.


A recent expert article posted here gives some great references as well as some common sense steps to got through during the identification process.


Tons of resources and great advice in regard to identification.  This is one of the leading programs in the nation, you can find out just about anything man knows about meteorites here if you research long enough.

Some great practical advice and a few home test you can do to start finding out what you really have on your hands.  These tips and tests can save you lots of time and expense so check them out early in the process.